Whiplash Claim

Whiplash injury claim is a typical type of personal injury that mostly occurs as a result of unexpected but very hard neck move.

Sometime it may have instant injury and sometimes appear after a certain time. Making a claim for whiplash and getting compensation really depends upon how well your claim is pursued.

Thousands of people in the UK suffer from road traffic accidents and sustain a whiplash injury every year. But most of them don't realise is that they can file a claim against the responsible party and receive compensation to recover any financial losses and make up for their suffering.

If you have been in a whiplash injury that was not your fault, there is a good chance that you may be able to get whiplash settlement and initiate whiplash injury claim in Cardiff and other areas. According to the National Health Service (NHS), the symptoms of a whiplash injury may take anywhere from a few hours to months and even years in severe cases to heal completely.

Symptoms for Whiplash Injury Claims

Whiplash is a term used for a neck related injury caused due to a jerk or sudden movement of the neck or head. If the head jolts suddenly sideways, forwards, or backwards during an accident, there is a high chance that the tendons and ligaments in the neck become damaged or stretched.

Common symptoms of a whiplash injury are:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain and stiffness
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pins and needles
  • Restricted movement of the neck
  • Tiredness
  • Shooting pains or numbness in the hands or arms
  • Tenderness or swelling in the neck muscles

Cambria Chambers is specialist for making a claim for whiplash and leverage the maximum advantages for your damage. We have tremendous experience for personal injury claims and whiplash car accident settlement. Getting free case consultation and evaluation is only a call away.

Effects of Whiplash

Whiplash can be categorised as consequential disease reoccurred from main neck injury. It can be caused due to car road accident or a sudden unusual neck move. This is not the main disease but appears in the form of stiffness, headache or tenderness. Whiplash can be developed even after healing from the injury when entire medicinal curative period is completed. Most common form of this injury is road accident where other driver hits from backside that cause unexpected jolt and disrupt the neck muscle. Quite possible that pain doesn’t start immediately. You can feel it after few hours or days. Common whiplash symptoms are continuous or interval based pain in neck muscles, shoulders, arms and even back-pain. Fuzziness can also occur from time to time. Sometimes due to continuous pain, frustrated and annoyed attitudes are also witnessed.

Legal Proceedings for a Whiplash compensation claim

Whiplash is generated from associated main injury can may have serious implications for day to day life. Even it can have big impact on your personality, performing lifestyle routines and social/economical activities. This sternness is actually eligible for compensation. All you have to do is initiate the process and prove it legally.

The following will greatly strengthen a compensation claim should you be able to show:

  • Either it appeared after a major accident or as a result of jerk
  • It was reported to the police.
  • Enclose routine medical checkups and Doctor’s report
  • Contact details of any eye witnesses
  • CCTV camera evidence

In the recent past, UK government has taken it seriously to cap fraudulent whiplash compensation claims. This has caused a dramatic effect on the nature of the insurance industry. So before starting the claim, be sure to have to hand all available evidence and documentation.

It is better to consult any good whiplash compensation claim specialist as the claim falls under the category of a personal injury claim and all legal requirements should be followed accordingly.

Cambria Chambers can provide the experience you need to successfully process a compensation claim of this type. Whiplash is an injury which primarily affects the neck area. It is caused by the head suddenly moving forwards, backwards or sideways, often as a reaction to a collision on the road. It can also affect the spine, arms and head. Common symptoms are:

  • Neck pain
  • Stiffness around the neck/spine
  • Painful neck/spine movements
  • Tenderness around the neck, shoulders and top of the spine

Whiplash is a type of injury which is often a consequence of a road traffic accident. It affects the neck and back and tends to last from a few weeks to a couple of years. According to the NHS, whiplash symptoms can take six to 12 hours to develop.

This means that, immediately after a road traffic accident, you won’t know if you have whiplash or not. Whiplash can last anywhere between a few weeks to over a year for more severe cases.

If whiplash happens after a road traffic accident which wasn’t caused by you, the driver responsible can be claimed against if they have insurance. If the driver is uninsured, you have to go through the Motor Insurance Bureau to get compensation from them. In other instances where whiplash happens following an accident, such as sports injuries, the person who caused it should be claimed against. You have up to three years to make a whiplash compensation claim, starting from the incident where you first became injured.

It is generally advised that you claim as soon as you can to allow more time for your claim to be processed. Once you have received treatment, it’s worth making a compensation claim to help cover the costs.

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