We are specialist Personal Injury Barristers. We can help with a variety of personal injury or other compensation claims.

One of our Barristers can arrange a meeting with you in Manchester to discuss your case.

We have expertise in the following areas:

  • Personal Injury
  • Commercial Law
  • Public Law
  • Holiday Sickness Claims
  • Car Accident and Road Traffic Accident Claims.

What we will need to process a claim:

For an RTA

Date and location of the accident, both vehicle registations, our claimants insurance company, a description of the accident (rear-ended/pulling out from a parked space or side road/changing lanes/roundabout/other) Also a description of injurys have you have/had. If you received medical attention when and where was it? (its not required but it will strenghen your case.


Date and location of the accident, who was the accident reported to do you have a reference number? Do you have photographic evidence and what injuries have you sustained, and how did the accident occur?

For Employers Liability

Date, precise location (which building what were you near at the time e.g. break room, front entrance or piece of machinery) was the accident logged in an incident book we will need a reference number, what PPE were you issued, was this adequate and in use when the accident occured? How did the accident occur and what injuries were sustained?

For Holiday Sickness

Date and location (including country & hotel), who was the holiday booked with (must be all inclusive to make a claim) How did the illnes start what do you belive caused the illness? Did you eat anywhere other than the hotel, what medical attention have you had?

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