Immigration Appeals

Anybody who has submitted an immigration application knows only too well the stress and anxiety involved whilst awaiting a decision which can take many months.

For many applicants the stress and anxiety is then compounded by a refusal and to make matters worse there are very strict time limits for submitting appeals, in some cases just 5 days! If you have received a refusal do not ignore the letter or bury your head in the sand, instead, give us a call to see if we can help.

Whether you wish to apply to the Home Office for Administrative Review, appeal against an immigration decision in the Immigration Tribunal, or challenge a decision of the Home Office by way of Judicial Review proceedings, our immigration barristers can assist with all aspects of preparing and presenting a successful immigration appeal.

We have expertise in the following types of appeal:

  • Advice as to the merits of applying for Administrative Review;
  • Advice as to the merits of appealing against a Home Office immigration decision;
  • Advice as to the merits of appealing against a decision of the Immigration Tribunal or Higher Courts dismissing an immigration appeal;
  • Drafting applications for Administrative Review;
  • Drafting grounds of appeal to the First-tier Immigration Tribunal;
  • Drafting applications for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal and Higher Courts;
  • Drafting grounds for Judicial Review;
  • Representation at the First Tier and Upper Tribunals
  • Representation at the High Court
  • Representation at immigration bail hearings;

Why choose Cambria Chambers? Our commitments to our clients include:

  • Direct access to specialist immigration barristers
  • Expert knowledge of immigration law and procedure
  • Honest and independent legal advice
  • Professional and reliable service with fast response times
  • Practical and affordable immigration solutions
For expert advice and assistance with a UK immigration appeals, contact our specialist immigration appeal barristers on 0151 266 0000 or email enquiries@cambria-chambers.co.uk

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