Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal injury claim?

Personal injury can happen to anyone. Basically it is an injury that hurts without your fault. Even without any mistake, you have to face physical damage and suffered serious implications in common life. This injury can also result as financial crunch and makes the life miserable. If it's not your fault, you are eligible to get compensation from the guilty person. Personal injury claim is a legal process of redemption in which the applicant puts a lawsuit to the actual person responsible for injury.

What is time frame to obtain personal injury claim?

There are different types of injuries and every case is dealt with its specific situation. Not necessarily but in most of cases, claim must be initiated within three years after the date of accident. To some extent, it can be up to one year. Your legal expert can exactly point out the time.

What are types of personal injuries?

Some familiar personal injuries can appear as a result of:

  • Road accidents with cars, trucks and other vehicles
  • Whiplash, neck and back pain
  • Industrial disease due to improper working conditions
  • Motor bike accidents
  • Injuries raised due to poor medication
  • Public transport injuries
  • Food poisoning due to unhygienic food and non-preservative
  • Product defect accidents occurred due to poor quality assurance

Why an expert personal injury lawyer is required?

Personal injury claims are critical in nature, complex in execution and if not followed accurately hard to prove. The claimant can pursue the legal procedure but can find it real difficult to technically deal with the case, frequently appearing to the court and even adjusting the settlement amounts. In order to avoid all these hurdles, it is always recommended to consult with a professional who can help to streamline everything as per its merit.

What is the overall process for personal injury claims?

With the help of lawyer, the applicant sends initial notice to defendant and demands for the settlement. If it is not responded for mutual resolution, then proceeded to the court where regular hearings are conducted, witnesses are served and all legal proofs are presented to honorable judge. By winning the case, settlement amount is calculated as per case evaluation, liabilities and damages.

Can I Claim?

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