Embedded Tax Allowences

Claiming Embedded Tax (Capital) Allowances is simple, straightforward and stress-free.

Our expert team work hard to ensure that you receive the tax relief you are entitled to in a way that requires very little input from our clients.

Many commercial property owners have the potential to claim Embedded Tax (Capital) Allowances on their property, however some may be put off by the idea of the claiming process. Many are put-off by the complex nature of claiming this tax refund entitlement.

Claiming is easy and straightforward, because our specialists do the difficult bit for you. There are millions of eligible property owners who have yet to claim embedded tax allowance. Our specialist make the whole process streamlines and simple.

What is Embedded tax allowance?

Embedded tax allowance sometime called embedded capital allowance is refund that can be claimed by commercial property owners. The claims must be HMRC compliant in order to claim a maximum refund which is why many choose a specialist like ourselves.

Why does this allowance exist?

The government through HMRC (Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs) introduced this refund as an incentive to kick-start the economy so not to claim your entitlement would be a disinterest to the government and the country. Depended on your political orientation that is. This is not a loophole exploitation but an intentional incentive by the government to commercial property owners. So do the best thing for your self, the country and your commercial interests and process your claim starting today, our specialist are available.

The Process

We only need an hour of your time to gather information and talk you through the process, then we do the rest. In order to start your claim, we’ll need to talk to your Accountant and get some information from the past few years and we’ll request a copy of the information land registry holds for the property. Again, this doesn’t take long and only relates to information that is needed for a sucessful claim.

Once we have identified whether you have a claim, we’ll send out one of our friendly surveyors to look around your property and identify unclaimed items which qualify for tax relief. Based upon the findings from our surveyor, a specialist

Our Tax Accountant will complete a detailed report for approval by HMRC in order to quantify the level of allowances your property will qualify for.

On average, it takes only 8 weeks from our initial meeting to you receiving your relief from HMRC.

This relief often adds up to tens of thousands of pounds, a positive impact on any businesses’ cash flow.

If you have an hour to spare, get in touch to arrange a meeting with one of our specialists who can begin the straightforward process of identifying your unclaimed tax refunds.

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