Brexit and the legal sector

Over the years of membership our legal system has become intertwined with that of the EU.

Unravelling this is a complex and challenging task with far reaching implications not just for our sector but for the whole of the UK economy.

The government has indicated its aim of a phased process of implementation of such new arrangements (which will also be a matter of negotiation). Some of the immediate challenges for businesses will arise from the impact of Brexit on the free movement of goods, services and workers and a number of areas covered by the single market, including the protection of IP rights. Forward planning is, therefore, key.

Barristers with a wealth of knowledge

Our Barristers have a lot of experience with Immigration and the laws (even if they do change through Brexit) and we have a team of solicitors and barristers who can discuss the subject directly with you and offer further guidance. If this would be helpful, please do get in touch either throught the phone provided, the e-mail address or the online contact form.

Brexit Briefings

Below are just some of the areas that will be changing through Brexit is your business or are you personally ready?
  • Aviation
  • Commercial
  • Tech and Communications
  • Public Procurement
  • Corporate law
  • Product compliance and liability
  • Satellites and Space
  • Legal Process and UK/EU relationship
  • Employment Law
  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Energy and Environment
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data Protection and Cybersecurity
  • Tax
  • Financial Services
  • Immigration
  • Automotive
  • Trade
  • Competition Law

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