Road Traffic Accident Claim

We offer comprehensive legal solutions for road traffic accident claims. With our extensive experience, we provide innovative and professional services and present your case on rock-solid framework. To all our valuable clients, we assist in personalized approach, properly guide for every step and deliver free consultation for every occasion. A friendly and amicable practice tailor made for your needs. Have you been injured in a road traffic accident that was not your fault? If yes, you could hold the negligent party liable for the injuries you have sustained and make a claim to recover the damages. Let us help you with the next step to get the rightful road traffic accident compensation.

Compensation for Road Traffic Accident Claims

A road traffic accident can be a life-changing and traumatic experience, not only for the injured, but their family members and loved ones as well. Road traffic accident claims are not just limited to car accidents; they can be made under a variety of circumstances. Whether it is a public transport user, motorcyclist, pedestrian, truck driver, bus driver or the passenger or driver of any other kind of vehicle, they are considered as road users and can be entitled to receive compensation depending on the accident and the injuries that occur. The injuries from a road traffic accident can be either relatively minor conditions or very serious, requiring extensive medical care. The latter may include injuries such as brain damage, broken bones and fractures, loss of limbs, sensory loss, head and spinal injuries, organ damage and others. With short or long term affects, there are different types of health outcomes as a result of road traffic accident. Most common road accident claims include whiplash, motorcycle accident, road accidents abroad, and public transport injury. A good road traffic accident law firm can help to bring out maximum compensation. But it all depends upon how well the case is prepared, what was the legal assistance you have received and how effectively the conditions are utilized. We are experts for maximizing your chances to win road traffic accident claims in Cardiff and other areas like Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Manchester.

Road Accidents Abroad

If you've had a road traffic accident in another country, then the prospect of making a claim may seem daunting. If driving in another country, you might have to do so differently to at home. However, there might only be so much you can prepare for, as quite a lot could go wrong due to the actions of other motorists. Remember, always report an accident if you want a car accident compensation! For your ease you can make claim online immediately here in our website with our claim form in the claims calculator or with the simple claim form at the top of the page.

The RAC’s annual Driving Abroad Report for 2013 found that 19%
of UK car users weren’t confident at all of driving in mainland Europe, possibly for that reason.

Our specialists understand how to review your case and determine if you have a claim and give you a legal advice.

Car accidents, truck accidents or motor vehicle accidents abroad are basically collisions and accidents which happen while driving in a foreign country.

  • Accidents caused by another driver
  • Collisions involving motorcyclists
  • Passengers being involved in accidents
  • People falling victim to hit-and-run incidents
  • Pedestrians being struck by negligent drivers

Injuries that could develop following accidents might include whiplash, broken bones or, in extreme cases, the loss of arms or legs.

If involved in an accident in another European Union (EU) country, you can trace the vehicle owner thanks to an EU directive where all cars in member countries can be found on the same database, along with the relevant insurers for each. As far as uninsured drivers are concerned, it’s possible to claim through the Motor Insurance Bureau to pursue compensation. If a passenger is involved in a collision on the road and they sustain injuries through no fault of their own, then they are entitled to make a claim for compensation I was hit by an uninsured driver.

If you were hit by an uninsured driver as, with the help of our panel of solicitors, you can claim through the government-backed Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB).

You should find out if the other driver has insurance and note their registration number. Try to collect as much information as you can about the accident as well as your losses and injuries. Retain any police references too, local accident reports, insurance report, accident report and details of your medical appointments that you had for the injury that occured. Our experts can answer any of your legal questions. Car accidents reported today? We can help immediately!

What we will need to process a claim for a Road Accident

The date and location of the accident, both vehicle registations, our claimant's(your) insurance company, a description of the accident (i.e. rear-ended/pulling out from a parked space or side road/changing lanes/roundabout/other) Also a description of injurys have you have/had. If you received medical attention when and where was it? (its not required but it will strenghen your case.)

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