Brexit: Quick deal on citizens' rights a 'moral imperative'

David Davis wants a quick deal, but insists UK courts must keep jurisdiction over EU citizens in Britain - a major sticking point.

The Brexit Secretary has said it is a "moral imperative" to reach a quick deal on the rights of EU citizens living in Britain and UK expats across the Channel. But David Davis also insisted that British courts should protect the rights of EU citizens in the UK after the country exits the bloc - touching on a major sticking point in the negotiations.

The UK and EU disagree on the role of the European Court of Justice. Brussels wants the rights of more than three million Europeans already in the UK to be protected by recourse to the European court. London opposes this, saying it is unprecedented. It has insisted that any deal to protect EU citizens be accompanied by mutual guarantees for 1.2 million Britons on the continent.

Mr Davis called for a swift resolution to ease the concerns on both sides.(Source: Sky News)

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